Can you not see we are competing ?

Why no legislation from the “Creative” Industry should be passed - ever. This “rant” has been on my Desktop folder for over over two years waiting for my site to change, it finally found its way here … Who are the ‘Cretive Industries’ ? If one look at the relation between ISPs and the ‘Music Industry’ or more precisely the Music DISTRIBUTION industry, which control the music production, the reason for the tension should be obvious.

The real cost of P2P

Should you read slashdot, you must have already seen its readers complaining about their ISP traffic shaping policies. When working in the ISP industry it is painful to see the lack of understanding those ‘techies’ are displaying. In the UK, if anything ISPs are guilty of bad advertising misleading customers with ‘up to’ speeds and obscure fair usage policies and trying to market their product on price instead of quality (but Internet is a commodity market nowdays, so it is to be expected)